WireCrafters Tenant Storage Lockers Case Study

Project: Northgate Apartments – Silver Spring, MD

Dealer: Storage and Distribution Systems – http://storage-systems.biz

Secure Storage Needed

Northgate Apartments provided storage areas as a way for tenants to store their valuables. Their storage areas were previously made of chicken wire, so Northgate Apartments wanted to remove the chicken wire and replace them with customized tenant lockers. Storage and Distribution Systems handled the removal and used WireCrafters products to install new custom lockers. These tenant lockers are much more secure & give the area a much more professional look than the previous storage made with chicken wire & wood frame. The lockers by WireCrafters also increased the amount storage space available to tenants.



Why WireCrafters Was Chosen?

WireCrafters offers the best customization, customer service, and response time. They have high-quality products that look great to tenants, provides more space and better security.

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