Interlocking Cage System for Material Lifts

North Coast Bearings, based in Ohio, provides organizations with differential and transmission kits and components. After partnering with Conveyer & Caster and WireCrafters, they can maneuver through their facility safely using a material lift and an interlocking cage.

Dealer Name: Conveyer & Caster- Equipment For Industry

Customer (End User): North Coast Bearings

Product Purchased from WireCrafters: Wire Partitions, Cage

material lift
interlocking cage

Problem and Solution

With a large amount of inventory and operations that extend beyond a single floor, North Coast Bearings needed a safe way to utilize their Presto Material Lift that transported their materials.

This required an interlocking cage system that surrounded the lift unit. Our wire partition product provided a safe and trusting system to keep workers out of the area while this unit is in use. As you can see in the images below, they also incorporated a partition to protect the upper platform the lift reaches once it's extended.

wire partitions

Why Choose WireCrafters?

North Coast Bearings was connected with our products because of their partnership with Conveyer & Caster- Equipment For Industry. As a dealer, they feel confident in recommending WireCrafters to clients because they believe our "reps are knowledgeable and [we] can always trust that when [we] bring a project to them they will figure out a solution and that when material arrives onsite, it will work."

To see an overview of our commonly used wire partitions and cages, click here.

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