- Yeah, so it's really a fantastic setup that you have here.

- Welcome to another episode of Mondays with Milt. Now today I'm in Cleveland, Ohio and I'm visiting Conveyer & Caster. And I've got here Jeff Stohr, the president of Conveyer & Caster. You're in this new facility and I've been in a lot of material handling company facilities over the years. This one truly is unbelievable and you might want to talk a little bit about it.

- Sure. So we're in the Customer and Employee Experience Center right now. We had the space, the building's 75,000 square feet and we came from 24,000 square feet. We have 48 employees. We had 28 parking spots in the old facilities so. New facility is screaming growth. This area we're in now we plan on doing our own trade shows. We've got the bar and the audiovisual effects but we've also got a demo center where we can feature WireCrafters and Strong Hold and some of our great vendor partners. Hytrol will be in there with the working demo. The building set up is 25,000 feet of office so we have two floors of office space that includes a conference center and several kitchens and a workout room. And then the warehouse is 50,000 square feet which includes this Employee Experience Center and our production area.

- And you are actually the third generation owning this Conveyer & Caster company which really speaks a lot for the Stohr family over the years.

- We're hoping that we'll be multi generational to come. I've got three boys with some interest in joining the business.

- Oh, that's great. Alright, so that's what we have this week. So, I'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays with Milt. Thanks again Jeff.

- Thank you.

- Alright.

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