Project: Penna Flame Robotics - Zelienople, PA

Dealer: Conveyer & Caster - Cleveland, OH

Finding The Right Solution

WireCrafters Machine Guards Protecting Automated Robotic Welder with Light CurtainSince 1968 Penna Flame Robotics has been in the business of flame hardening steel. As Penna Flame's operations expanded, so did their need for more aggressive and customized safety considerations.

Initially, machine operators were protected by a standard light curtain configuration, but as additional robotic cells were installed and methods of production efficiency were conceptualized, the need for an increase in quantity and adaptability of automated machine safety devices became apparent.  At this time, the experts at Conveyer & Caster became involved in the project.  Safety engineers performed thorough fact-finding interviews and walked through the large facility to help determine the most effective way to maintain a high level of production while keeping workers' safety as a top priority.  The professionals at Conveyer & Caster were aware of the need for a durable machine guarding solution that would hold up in the harsh industrial environment, and determined that WireCrafters Machine Guarding System would be the answer.

Machine Guards Designed to Fit Your Custom Application

WireCrafters Machine Guards Protecting Welding Robot with Sliding Tunnel Door and Safety InterlockThe project called for WireCrafters standard machine guarding product which utilizes a 5' 0" high panel that begins one foot above the floor.  A sliding tunnel door, designed with no overhead track to allow tall objects to pass through the opening unobstructed, was equipped with a Fortress Interlock. The interlock was wired to the Gorbel robot which shuts down the automated equipment when the door is opened.  The end result of the installation is an effective blend of light curtain technology and WireCrafters Machine Guards that provided the Penna Flame Robotics Department with the highest level of protection while maintaining their quality production standards.

Distributor & Manufacturer Work Together

Conveyor & Caster has been distributing material handling products for over 50 years in Northern Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania. WireCrafters wire partitions and machine guards have been part of their offering for over twenty years. Conveyor & Caster provides machine guards in the Cleveland, OH area, as well as wire partitions in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding northern Ohio cities to their customers for many different applications including these machine guards and robotic work cell guarding.

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