Driver Cage at UniFirst | Case Study

Driver cages are used for a variety of reasons but one of the top is for safety purposes. At WireCrafters, we are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line security solutions to meet all of our customers' unique needs.

Driver Cage Product & Solution

Through the use of our driver cage systems, we addressed the needs that UniFirst Corporation had with drivers freely entering and exiting their facility. Through our dealer, Bode Equipment Company, we provided both a 2-Wall Driver Cage with a ceiling and a 3' hinged door with an electric strike to buzz in. The driver cage was installed into their facility where the truck driver opening is located for an added sense of security.

The cage acts as an additional use of security. This way, drivers have to be monitored more heavily and buzzed into and out of the facility. Combined, both of these products create a secure environment with high security and meet the requests of their upper management.

 Dealer Name: Bode Equipment Company, Londonderry, NH

 Customer (End User): UniFirst Corporation, Wilmington, MA

 Products Purchased from WireCrafters: 

2-Wall Driver Cage with Ceiling – 840 Partitions 8’0" x 5’6"

3’ hinged door with electric strike to buzz in – bolt-on pull handle on the front

Why Choose WireCrafters

When asked why UniFirst Corporation chose to use WireCrafters for their security needs, they said that they view us as their primary supplier for all wire partitions. They have previously benefited from our other wire products for their storage, safety, and security needs. Additionally, neither has ever experienced any issues with our quality. Their requested quotes have always been turned around quickly by our team.

Both the dealer and end-user found our wire driver cages easy to install. They also said it looked aesthetically pleasing along with the rest of their existing equipment. We thoroughly enjoyed working with both companies for this project.

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