Wire Partition Panels | Wells Fargo Case Study

Below, you will find how our wire partition panels were the perfect solution for Wells Fargo.

Dealer: Star Equipment, Minneapolis, MN.
Karl Rasmussen Project Manager

Contractor: Ryan Companies

Project: Wells Fargo, Downtown East Minneapolis, MN.

It Must Be Safe & Secure, And Make It Look Good

Ryan Companies was looking for a wire partition that would provide top security for Wells Fargo. In addition, he wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing in an office environment. Ryan prefers to work with local companies. So, they contacted Star Equipment, a material handling company also in Minneapolis. Star Equipment had the solution. So, they contacted WireCrafters, one of their partners for over twenty years.

We Want a White Tight Mesh Partition

Wells Fargo required multiple wire mesh partition cages within their downtown facility. Therefore, we used two cages to protect entering the computer server rooms. Also, we used several more cages to control access to financial and confidential information. WireCrafters offers a variety of secure meshes. The standard mesh is a ten-gauge wire woven into a 2" x 1" rectangular style. We informed Star Equipment that they would need a much more secure mesh. Wells Fargo decided to stay with the ten-gauge wire but with a much tighter 3/4" square mesh. Pharmaceutical companies use this tighter mesh to control access to small pill bottles. Distributors of small liquor bottles also use this tighter mesh. In addition to the tight mesh, they also required white paint as opposed to the industrial gray color. WireCrafters has a state of the art powder coat system. We also stock white paint along with seven other common paint colors.

They Make the Complicated Look Easy

What appeared to be a very difficult request by most standards turned out to be a simple one for WireCrafters. A variety of mesh sizes and paint colors are stocked in their manufacturing facility in Louisville, KY.

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