Athletic Storage Case Study | McMinnville High School

Some of our case studies highlight the use of our products in high schools and colleges. So, here is an example of an athletic storage cage. Many of our products can be used as part of an organization’s security measures. Below, you can read about how we helped meet a security need at a high school in Oregon.

Dealer Name: NorthWest Handling Systems

Customer (End User): McMinnville High School

athletic storage cage

Problem and Solution

McMinnville High School had recently built a new gymnasium and athletic facilities. The design of the gym had space for equipment storage, but no means of securing that equipment. So, this is where our dealer, NorthWest Handling Systems, was able to step in.

Northwest Handling Systems designed a secured storage locker for the various athletic equipment. Our wire partitions fit into the storage spaces, giving a very appealing look to the equipment cages. We were able to meet their needs to secure different team's athletic equipment and uniforms.

athletic storage cage

Why Choose WireCrafters for Your Athletic Storage Cage?

The Athletic Director at McMinnville High School found our website. Impressed by our products, he thought we had the storage systems to get the job done. This led the school to connect with us and work through our mentioned dealer. When asked about what they thought of our products after the installation, the team at McMinnville High School said, "They look great!"

We are happy to work from our headquarters in the Louisville, KY area. However, we are also honored to help so many businesses, schools, and other institutions throughout the country!

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