Warehouse Security Using Tool Cribs

When an employee goes to find a tool needed for a certain job, but doesn't find it where it should be, time is wasted and productivity is stalled. Overtime, this can add up and affect your bottom line year over year. This was a point a guest speaker shared with leaders in material handling this year at the MHEDA Convention.

Although it's predicted for the demand to increase, the biggest pitfalls for that industry and other industries is to downplay the management of cost, even in small ways.

In contrast, when your employees can count on finding the right tool when and where they need it, productivity is enhanced which almost always positively affects revenue. Our tool cribs provide crucial warehouse organization and a fool-proof place to store all warehouse equipment.

Not only that, but our tool cribs can provide essential warehouse security when they're used to store equipment and inventory. If your facility houses large machines that pose certain dangers when improperly operated, a tool crib can act as an equipment cage too. Every facility has valuable assets, and if there's not a system in place to help you with that, unnecessary loses–including theft–could be occurring regularly in your warehouse.

Tool Cribs Secure Inventory, Tools, & Equipment

No matter the size of the inventory, tools, or machines you need to store, together we can create a custom solution that fits your needs. The way we build our wire mesh partition panels ensures the highest standard of security– so much so, even our nation's law enforcement uses them to store evidence or as temporary holding cells for arrested persons.

The panels are constructed out of 10 gauge wire which is woven into a 2" x 1" rectangular mesh design. This design is then welded into a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 1/8" hot rolled angle. The panels then bolt directly into a 2' square, 14 gauge steel tube with 3/8" hardware (the strongest in the industry). Floor anchors ensure a rigid system and hardware is only accessible from the inside which is "the icing on the warehouse security cake."

How Tool Cribs Provide Warehouse Security

For added security, you can equip your tool cribs with hinged and sliding doors, ceilings (that can be interchanged with wall panels,) and custom locks to control the access to your tool crib if it houses limited or restricted-access equipment. You can choose from a variety of proximity readers, card readers, and keypads too. We believe in smart technology!

All these features not only deter less than honorable behavior from any employees, it also makes it far less likely your most valuable assets will be stolen if there was a break-in at your warehouse after hours. Some may think the more barriers there are to reaching a needed tool, the less productivity. But it is truly the opposite because of all the ways we've mentioned and more.

For years, it's been our guarantee that when you have a designated, secure area to store tools and equipment, you no longer worry about who has what tool, or where tools have been misplaced. That's what our tool cribs are made for.

Panel sizes, mesh options, and a building block approach means you can create a truly custom tool crib that meets your exact specifications. When your needs change, you can easily create a new system that changes and grows with your business, whether that's a new height, a different type of access, or a highly custom configuration.

Our clients have found that installing tool cribs have paid dividends in return for their security. Click here to see case studies about how tool cribs and storage cages have been used in many different industries to solve for many different problems.

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