On this week's episode, Milt Tandy gives us a demonstration of a custom lock solution on a records storage cage.

Good morning and welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Today we are looking at a records storage cage. Inside here are classified documents that most businesses have.

Now as we go down here & look at this sliding door, you’ll notice that it has just a standard key lock. Well, in addition to that we have custom lock solutions so we can put a keypad on this door. So, as I punch in the code, we can open up the door automatically.

Down here you’ll see the electric door opener that can also be attached to our doors and with that we can use a remote control, hit the button and close the door. We have a lot of custom lock solutions that you can find on our website. Check out the link below & we’ll see you next Monday on Monday’s With Milt. Thank you.

At WireCrafters, we go above and beyond to protect your business records. Our wire cages and partitions and automatic door options can be used for a wide variety of safety and storage needs.

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