Belinda Sliter | Take a Walk on the Wire Side

Belinda Sliter has been at WireCrafters for a long time. Learn about Belinda and what she does at work! Watch the full episode above and make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel. 


About Belinda Sliter

At the filming off this episode, Belinda has been with WireCrafters for 31 years, just 8 years less than Milt. She is currently one of our Northeast Insides Sales Reps, along with Brandon Garvin. In this episode, Milt asks her about her job at WireCrafters. He also talks with her about her children and what her grandchildren will be calling her. Find out what she decides on by watching the episode above!


About Take a Walk on the Wire Side

Each Wednesday, Milt talks with one of our employees. He asks them about what they do here at WireCrafters as well as what they do outside the workplace. From some of the walks, we've learned a lot about our workers. We have bourbon drinkers and farmers. Other employees have planned gender reveals for other employees. We even have a few singers in our midst. Come back each week to see who Milt is walking with next!

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