12 Foot Tall Door - Mondays With Milt

We do custom. We truly do. Custom doors, custom locks, even custom colors. We can also help with custom uses for our wire products. That's up to your imagination. We've had customers ask us about our products for the purpose of storing bikes in a hanging position. Our products have been used for wine storage and retail stores too.

Large, Custom Wire Doors

This video shows you a good example of a custom door that's 12 feet tall.  Milt is actually very tall, but standing in front of this door you wouldn't know it. Watch this episode to learn why someone would need a door this large.

Shipping a door of this size is no problem for us either. We are known for reliable delivery. That's not something any customer should have to worry about.

Watch Mondays with Milt

Join Milt and other team members in the shop today to see those custom doors. Just watch the video and let us know what you think of it. What are some other reasons you'd need doors of this size?

Mondays With Milt Ideas

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