Medical Equipment Storage for Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides support world-wide to the field of science, from organizations in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and beyond. They help customers “make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.” Because their products are extremely valuable, both in purpose and price point, storage is important. Compliance also plays a role.

Dealer: Cromer Material Handling

End User: Thermo Fisher

Product: Rack Enclosures, Wire Cages

Problem and Solution

The racking system previously installed in their medical equipment storage warehouse had been damaged by their reach truck forklift. That damage was due to the wire mesh being installed after the racking aisles were already set up for equipment storage. Basically, the aisle ways between the racks were not wide enough for the lift equipment and wire mesh.

In partnership with Cromer Material Handling, WireCrafters was able to implement a new system, fabricating posts that were closer to the rack creating wider aisles. This gives their forklift more room to load onto opposing racking without damaging the wire mesh doors. Not only did this fix damaged infrastructure, it created a more efficient system that should avoid damage from vehicles in the future.

medical equipment storage
racking posts

Why Choose WireCrafters?

The end user needed reliable structures to secure extremely high-dollar items. When asked what led them to WireCrafters, a member of Cromer Material Handling shared, “To me, you are the only wire cage company I would use.” They appreciated our ease of quoting and drawings. The company even mentioned a WireCrafters team member came by to check-in and say hello. 


We believe in going the extra mile. We are more than manufacturers, we are in the customer service business. We believe the organizations we partnered with on this job live out this principle too.

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