4 Reasons Safety Should be Your #1 Priority

Safety is crucial in any work environment to keep employees out of harm’s way, but can also have other effects in the workplace. Recently on our blog, we’ve focused on ways to keep your facility safe, but almost as important is why you should emphasize safety priority. Here are four ways safety can have a major impact on your business.

  1. Safety has a direct correlation to employee care and the quality of the employee experience.

While this may seem obvious, it is worth mentioning that injuries in the workplace are horrible for the employee, no matter how small. Injuries or deaths don’t just affect the one employee, though. They are a huge blow to morale of the entire staff. Employees are less likely to enjoy their experience with a company if they feel their safety is being disregarded. Following safety regulations to the letter and investing in training for your employees convey that your workers are valued by the company and ensures they are more intellectually equipped to handle hazards, accidents, or other emergencies. 

  1. Safety has a direct correlation to employee retention

Similarly to the point above, employees are more likely to stay with a company longer if they are valued. Training makes workers smarter and more capable of keeping themselves safe. With safety measures in place and training provided, the burden of worrying about safety and health is minimized for the employees. Plus, if safety is a priority in your facility, you will have less employees leave over time due to injuries or health conditions.

employee injuries
  1. Safety has a direct correlation to a company's standing in the community

Upholding safety measures like OSHA, EHS, and CSB keeps you from being shut down. And it’s just good PR. Keeping your workers safe is an excellent way to establish yourself as a top employer in your community. People will want to work for you, and this can sometimes mean recognition by your city as a great place to work. There are even national workplace safety awards

  1. Safety has a direct correlation to a company's revenue

Not only is a safety priority great for your employees, it’s also great for business. Your company can reap the benefits of safety by saving on the costs of things like lawsuits and damage to equipment. Worker’s compensation and settlements can really add up over time and workplace deaths even more so. Plus, with more safety measures and training in place, the more likely your employees are to work efficiently and productively, which is also better for your revenue.

There are many reasons to make safety a priority in your facility, most importantly being the health and well-being of your employees. It’s better for everyone in your company and it’s great for your business, too. Organizations that prioritize safety stand apart from the rest.

WireCrafters is dedicated to making sure your business is as safe as possible. All of our equipment solutions are designed with OSHA regulations in mind. We provide our customers with creative solutions for their safety, security, and storage needs. We offer materials like wire mesh panels and pallet rack enclosures for safe storage and guardrails and handrails for your space and your machinery, all in an effort to protect your employees and inventory. Learn more about our commitment to safety here!

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