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WireCrafters continues to listen to our customers as we strive to continue to be the best and most diverse supplier of secure wire partitions and cages in the nation. You can't be the best in the industry unless you're willing to meet the challenges that are presented to you. For many years we have supplied custom locking mechanisms for our wire partitions and secure cages.

Recently, we were asked by a customer if we could provide a door lock for a sliding door equipped with a numeric keypad. In the past, this would require an electrician to install both the keypad as well as an electromagnetic lock. In this case however, the customer did not desire an electric lock. As we investigated options that would best suit the customer's application, we came across the Adams Rite eForce lock.

Advantages of the Adams Rite eForce Keyless Entry Lock

There are two important features that make this lock more impressive than other alternatives. First of all, the custom lock will work with either a hinged or sliding door. Secondly, the eForce lock is battery operated. These two characteristics make this a very valuable and versatile alternative to a standard key lock.

The Adams Rite eForce keyless entry lock will support 150 individual users, allowing individuals their own pass code to enter into the secured area. This allows controlled access of the secured area without having to deal with dozens of keys for multiple employees. The eForce keyless entry lock has LED status and visual indicator lights, and the lock will operate in three modes: Standard, Passage, and Lockout.

There is also a key override for the battery operated keypad in case of power failure. The lock is also equipped with a Low Battery indicator, so if the battery dies you may simply use the key.

Various Options Available on Opposite Side of Lock

If you are using the eForce keyless entry lock on a hinged door, you may match the back side with a push paddle or a full width push bar on the inside of the door. This not only gives you a higher level of security on the outside, but allows for quick exit from the other side. For the slide door, we offer both a thumb-turn or a small twist turn lever.

Separate Yourself From the Competition

When you contact WireCrafters for your next project, our Sales Team will be happy to quickly give you the option for this battery powered keypad on your next wire partition cage layout. Check out all of our standard and custom locks for other lock alternatives that will keep your next wire partition enclosure secure.

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