Proximity Badge Door Lock Secures Storage Cage Without Electricity

Keyless Door Locks for Secure Wire Partition Cages

WireCrafters now provides the option of custom keyless entry door locks for our secure wire partitions and storage cages. In listening to our customers' suggestions, we have discovered that more and more people would like to get away from carrying keys to grant access to secured areas.

WireCrafters has offered key pads and card readers as custom lock options for our secure wire partition enclosures for years, but in the past, they have all required electricity. Although we still sell many of these high-security, electric-powered door locks, we wanted to find an alternate lock that did not require electricity while still providing the same level of security.

Proximity Badge Door Locks are Simple & Effective

The eForce Prox and eForce iCLASS proximity card readers are the perfect solutions for access to secured areas while eliminating the need for electric connections. You simply hold your badge or card to the front of the lock and the latch releases and allows you to enter the door. Below are the main features of the Door Lock:

  • Expanded eForce platform with integrated HID® Prox Contactless Card Reader
  • Interfaces with any Wiegand protocol access control system
  • Supports credentials: eForce Prox HID 125 kHz eForce iCLASS HID 13.56 MHz
  • Integrated antenna
  • Models to operate Adams Rite latches, exit devices, and MS® Series deadbolts
  • Audible beep upon card presentation
  • Red/green LED lock/unlock status
  • Surface-mounted with concealed fasteners
  • Non-handed with clutched lever protection
  • Mortise cylinder control override (1" to 1-1/2" range with AR/MS cam)
  • Die-cast housing and lever in Satin Chrome and Dark Bronze finish
  • Full outdoor rating – temperature range from -31°F to 151°F (-35°C to 66°C)
  • Hardwired (7 conductors) installation with ElectroLynx™ connectors

WireCrafters welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your next project. Free design and layout assistance is available!

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Proximity Badge Door Lock Without Electricity
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