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Milt is out with Alex in the design validation area.

WireCrafters Design Validation

Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now, today, I'm out on the production floor and I'm in the assembly and design validation area. So, what we have here is this is where we line up all our hinge doors that have a custom lockset on the door. So, you can see here all the doors we have in stock have a full-width push bar. We do quite a few of these push bars for Driver Cages. And then as we move along here these are the new universal doors that will accept some different types of lever handles. All of these are hinged or swing type doors. So, we've got a pretty good assortment here so if you want a custom lock set we can usually take your custom lock and put it right into one of these doors ship the whole job out in a week or less.

Alex in the Design Validation Area

So, I'm over here with Alex. He works here in the assembly area and the design validation. And you've got things organized here because you're putting different types of door locks on these doors behind us. So, what do you have here Alex? So right now we have three different lever handles that we install. We also have alarm locks to put in as well as a manual 5-button combo. That 5-button combo, that's a manual, it doesn't take any electricity. So we can assemble that right on one of our doors. And we can even install a key lock in there for you that's keyed different or if you have other doors in the factory, we can key it alike. We have the same keys. So you can substitute a different cylinder in there so it can match the existing building system. So, before these doors go out, you get them assembled you make sure everything is working correctly. I don't let it go any further without testing it. When it leaves me, it works. So that's what we have this week. Alex thank you very much. We'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays With Milt.

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