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Milt is out in the staging area next to the shipping department. After a job is finished, it goes here and waits for shipment.

Episode Transcript

Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now today I'm out on the shop floor and I've told you in the past, you know, that our standard is our standard gray paint. But I'm looking around at the staging area here on the shop floor. We got a lot of material that'll be shipped tomorrow. And as I walk out here, I see that we've got some yellow RackBack panels. As I move on down the line here, we've got some white sheet metal partitions, getting ready to go out. Onto the next cart, we've got some black material. We've got some welded clips on the side here. Not totally sure how it's going to be used.

More Products

Then over here we've got some black sheet metal panels. These are used around a, like a weld cell, for a large company that we do a lot of work for. And then over here we must have a customer that really likes the orange panels and the blue posts. That's probably gonna be a pretty cool looking combination at the end of the day. So all of this material, whether it's yellow and white, black, orange, blue. Sheet metal, wire mesh. It's all going to be shipped out tomorrow, all different areas. And you know over here I even see a large yellow panel in the shape of a parallelogram. Or just a funny-shaped panel.

A Lot Going On

But there's a lot going on. A lot of custom applications. So it doesn't really matter what you might need the wire partition for, or the sheet metal for, we can build you a safe, secure enclosure. So go to wirecrafters.com and you can see all of these different items on there. That's what we got this week, we'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays With Milt.

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Mondays With Milt is a weekly series hosted by our Company President, Milt Tandy. Milt travels to different areas of the shop, his home, and occasionally out of state. He brings fun and a lot of product knowledge! Subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on our other social media channels to see more of Milt!

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