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In this episode of Mondays With Milt, he talks about how much weight our Wine Storage Lockers and shelves can hold. Each shelf in this video is holding around 1200 pounds of materials. Based on our measurements, these shelves can fit around 16 cases of wine or a little over 600 pounds worth. That means our shelves are tested to withstand twice the amount of weight than they can even fit! So you know that your wine will be safe and secure in our lockers. Watch the video above to learn more about all you can do with these shelves. And, due to the amount of weight these can hold, you can store things other than wine if the need arises! The possibilities are endless!

Other Companies Trust WireCrafters

Many companies already trust WireCrafters with their wine storage. Chateau 55 in California is one of those companies. You can see our lockers in action here.

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