Mondays With Milt - Pallet Rack Sliding Door

Watch Milt as he discusses a Pallet Rack Sliding Door made from our wire partition. We have a real-life example where we combined 2 of our products to secure an area of our parts cage. Would this be useful in your organization?

If this is your first time watching Mondays with Milt – Welcome! We like to have fun with this series while also showcasing what we do and the storage, safety, and security solutions we offer to businesses in many industries, from distribution centers to industrial plants, office buildings, and more.

Welcome to another episode of Mondays with Milt. Once again today, I'm out on the production floor and I'm in the cage area here at WireCrafters, where we keep all of the hardware, and we'll keep some expensive locks and electric devices that are used on doors. And many times they're kept here on the pallet rack, but we want to keep them so not anyone can just grab them. So, we put our wire partition slide doors on the front of the pallet rack.

So what we have here—if I have to get into this eight-foot bay of the pallet rack, I can just grab the door, slide it open, and I can get into anything that I need here. And after I get the parts out that I need and I don't want anyone else have access to it, I just shut the door back again, put the padlock on it. Everything  I want is locked up here.

This section here actually has three bays, and we can do a double-track system, so it really doesn't matter how many doors you have. We could have ten bays in a row and keep the doors on a double-track system.

So that's what we're showing today: wire partition gates on the front of pallet racks. If we can help you with some type of enclosure, go to WireCrafters.com, click on the resource tab and you'll see all of our brochures that talk about this. We'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays with Milt.

If you're unfamiliar with WireCrafters' door options, we encourage you to visit our webpage dedicated just for that. Just click here. We also offer special components for opening and closing custom doors. View that here. Don't forget you can access all the specs on our pallet racking product line by going here.

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