Operation POPSICLE - Mondays With Milt

Milt and Steve partake in Operation Popsicle this week on Mondays With Milt.

Episode Transcript:

- What are we gonna say, Milt?

- We'll just ad-lib.

- Welcome to another episode of Mondays with Milt! Now, it is a very very hot day, it's about 94/95 degrees and it might be even a little hotter in here in the shop so, Mr. Diebold and his trusty driver, Ethan, they've got a cooler filled with popsicles, that they're going to deliver to each of the guys out here in the shop, give them a little break for a few minutes. Let's see how it goes! Wasn't it like a dream, as a young man to be an ice cream guy?

- I always thought that would be like the best job, to be the ice cream guy.

- Looks like operation popsicle is a big success!

- I think it was! How do you like the Fudge-sicles back there? Good?

- Yeah!

- They're very good, thank you. Thank you, Steve.

- So how many did we give out?

- I think we gave out about 108 popsicles, today!

- That's pretty good.

- That's not bad.

- So, are you coming in at three in the morning, to do the second shift?

- Yeah, I'm saving mine for later!

- Okay! So it was a hot day out here, but we got it covered. Cheers, everybody.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

- And that's all we got this week, we'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays with Milt.

- And popsicles!

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