How Drivers Access Cages Are Adaptable and Improve Employee Experience

How safe and secure is your warehouse floor?

Even after training your staff and preparing them to follow all health and safety regulations, disaster can still strike. All it takes is for a visitor to walk onto the floor and be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But how do you prevent this?

The answer is by installing building access cages (also known as drivers' access cages) with defined areas for visitors. The design of a building access cage varies depending on what you need it for. Cages stop people from entering certain areas. But, they do give people more freedom because they can move more safely through the facility with trucks and other hazards nearby.

But more than that, these cages are adaptable and can help improve the employee experience. Keep reading to learn how.

What is a Building Access Cage?

A building access cage is a safety enclosure that provides controlled access to interior facilities. The cages vary in size depending on the building entrance or exit they're surrounding. But they typically range from four feet wide by eight feet tall up to six feet wide by ten feet tall. Building access cages are often made of stainless steel or aluminum and typically have a locking door for safe and controlled access.

Building access cages can either be freestanding or bolted to the existing wall. Building entrance enclosures are a safety measure put in place so that employees can enter or exit the building without having to interact with vehicles on the warehouse floor.

Building access cages restrict staff and visitors from areas deemed dangerous, but they also offer greater freedom to employees.

How Do Building Access Cages Improve Employee Experience?

Building access cages are one of the most important investments a company can make to improve the employee experience -- mainly by keeping them safe and giving them peace of mind.

Building Access Cages Provide Freedom of Movement

Building access cages are a way to keep people from entering places like the loading dock or the warehouse floor. They only allow people in after they sign in through the building entrance. Building access cages free your employees from having to interact with vehicles and traffic while also reducing walk time, resulting in a safer workplace for staff and drivers alike.

A building entrance cage is typically six feet wide by ten feet tall to ensure adequate room for both pedestrians and motorized carts or trucks. So there's plenty of room to move around safely.

Building Access Cages Monitor Building Entrances

Building access cages provide peace of mind to everyone because they allow you to keep track of who enters and exits the building at all times.

This way, employees know exactly who is entering and exiting the facility at any given time. Building access cages are a great solution for truckers who need to enter the building but aren't familiar with your facility, or for workers that need frequent access to restricted areas.

Building access cages allow employees uniform and unimpeded access to their building by protecting them from vehicles on the warehouse floor.

Defined Areas Eliminate Confusion

A building access cage restricts a visitor's movement and helps them stay away from hazards like trucks, within a defined area.

This provides employees with a safe working environment and peace of mind, but it can also reduce stress. Building access cages allow an employee to concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about who might be walking onto the warehouse floor or whether people are following safety procedures.

Your Building Access Cage Varies Depending on Use

You can configure your building access cage to suit your business' needs. Professionals can install them anywhere on your warehouse floor and can customize them based on your needs. With building access cage accessories like service windows, benches, ceilings, and push bar doors, the combinations are endless. Here's how you can adapt the cage in different ways:

Install Around Bathroom Entrances

Having a cage installed around the entrance of a bathroom givers your employees and visitors peace of mind. These are high-traffic areas that need protection because of how vulnerable to injury people can be.

Having a cage here would prevent people from walking out of the bathroom and into a very dangerous situation.

Add a Service Window

Does your business have a lot of deliveries? Adding a service window to your building access cage provides a safe and efficient way for you to interact with your guests while still providing them with a safe and secure defined area.

Service windows typically come with an opening and a small shelf for you to write on or rest heavy packages.

Add a Bench

Walking into a steel cage may feel intimidating. That's why it's important to make your visitors feel as comfortable as possible. If your business usually has visitors that come in and stay for a little while, consider adding a bench to make it more inviting for them.

Add a Ceiling

Building security is the most important aspect of any cage. Building access cages with a built-in ceiling prevent visitors from being able to jump up and potentially hurt themselves or interfere with your business' operation.

And on the flip side, it protects your visitors from anything that could potentially fall from above.

Add a Push Bar Door

Building access cages that securely bolt to the existing wall typically have a push bar door in addition to the lockable exterior door. This allows employees quick and easy access in case of emergency, while still maintaining security.

These push bar mechanisms are always installed facing the warehouse, so visitors cannot gain access to the facility.

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Start Controlling Your Building Access Today

Now that you know a bit more about the benefits of drivers' access cages, it might be time to install one at your warehouse.

Your building access cage varies depending on your needs and you can customize them to suit your business perfectly. Now is the time to take control back and put the safety of your employees and visitors front and center.

Want to learn more about how driver cages can keep your facility safe and secure? Request a quote and get started today.

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