Protecting Boot Barn's Inventory and Employees

protecting inventory

Guarding with WireCrafters RackBack®

Boot Barn is a public company and a well-recognized brand with over 250 stores across the nation. They are known for their large inventory - not only in their storefronts for their customers but also in their warehousing. They offer everything from various boot styles to shirts, jackets, hats, accessories, and more. For these reasons, our safety, security, and separation products are the perfect fit for their company.


Dealer: Industrial Procurement Services

End User: Boot Barn

Product: RackBack


Problem and Solution

Boot Barn’s facility includes a 3-story system with inventory picking on each level. Their organization had concerns about their product dropping off the edges from beam levels. To address this problem, their 40,000 square foot system was completely wrapped with WireCrafters’ RackBack®. This provided a safety guard for walking and for their pick-rack supported mezzanine.

Why Choose WireCrafters

boot barn storage

Industrial Procurement Services connected Boot Barn with our products because they have a very long history with WireCrafters. They spoke highly about WireCrafters' quality and the level of service they’ve grown accustomed to.

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protecting inventory
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