Secure Wire Partition Storage Areas for Automotive Applications

Mini Cooper of St. Louis, Missouri constructed a storage area on a mezzanine level for automotive parts. They realized their need to prevent this inventory from falling down to the floor level below - potentially impacting employees or brand new cars parked for display within the showroom.

Project: Mini Cooper of St. Louis

Dealer: Industrial Shelving Systems - St. Louis, MO

Architects Choose WireCrafters for Wire Partition Storage Cages

WireCrafters Wire Partition Cage for Storing Automotive Parts at dealershipDan Compton of Industrial Shelving Systems (ISS) specializes in working with the material handling needs of car dealerships in the St. Louis area. The architect of the building turned to Dan at ISS and WireCrafters Style 840 Wire Partitions, knowing the experience that ISS and WireCrafters has brought to the table in the past.

ISS worked with the building architect to ensure the solution for Mini Cooper was satisfactory for all parties involved. As shown in the photos, WireCrafters wire partitions were used to protect and secure large automotive parts from falling down to the work floor.

Custom Wire Partition Solutions and Add-Ons for Every Application

At the top of the stairs leading to the storage area, a wire partition hinged door was installed to keep unauthorized employees and the general public that may be in the parts area of the building from entering the mezzanine storage area.

WireCrafters Secure Storage Area Constructed with Wire Partitions for Storing InventoryTypically, secure wire partitions are built with a 3 inch sweep space at the bottom. However, since the secure wire partitions in this application were installed on a second level, a kick plate was put in place to keep small parts from rolling under the partition panels. A 6'-0" x 8'-0" sliding door was installed on the second level to allow large products and equipment to be loaded with a fork lift up to the loft area from the ground floor.

WireCrafters Offers Superior Wire Partition Solutions Nation-Wide

Offering wire partition storage solutions since 1961, Industrial Shelving Systems knew they could find a solution utilizing WireCrafters' products for Mini Cooper. ISS specializes in complete storage systems, big or small, custom and standard. From planning and designing stages of a project, all the way through final installation, ISS does it all.

ISS has been partnering with WireCrafters on wire partition storage projects in and around the St. Louis area for over 30 years. When you combine the experience and knowledge of ISS and WireCrafters, you receive a quality wire partition solution at an affordable cost.

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