Heavy-Duty Machine Guarding Fit for Steel Manufacturing

In steel production, as you might imagine, it’s extremely important to have safety measures in place around the large equipment necessary to the manufacturing process. It is towards the top of the list of dangerous manufacturing jobs and is, therefore, a highly regulated industry as well.

Dealer: C & E Advanced Technologies

Product: Machine Guarding Systems

steel production
heavy duty machine guarding

Problem and Solution

The facility in this use case needed equipment that was not only compliant with international safety standards but also offered a high level of engineering support. The environment in their plant is very heavy duty requiring a high degree of flexibility.

After this organization consulted with C&E – a dealer of WireCrafters’ products and other industrial equipment – they determined WireCrafters would be the best solution for their hazardous environment.

steel manufacturing
highly customized machine guarding

Why Choose WireCrafters?

WireCrafters’ wire partitions are heavy duty, easy to install, and can be highly customized. These features were at the top of the list for this facility when they chose our machine guarding systems. These systems were successfully implemented into their facility and process. 

If you are in a similar industry and would like to see how our equipment can help you with your engineering and safety needs, please request a quote now! At WireCrafters, we are honored to help organizations like yours.

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