Handrails for Office inside Plant | Case Study

Handrails are commonly used for added safety. They can be easily installed almost anywhere in your company's facility. In this case, the railing product offered multiple benefits to a material handling plant. Learn more about our handrail product by reading this case study below.


Dealer Name:

Materials Handling Enterprises Inc.- Erie, PA

Customer (End User):

Bunting Magnetics- Dubois, PA

Product Purchased from WireCrafters:

Railing and more


HandRails Solutions

We offer durable handrail solutions that provide an extra layer of protection to facility workers. Especially when they need access to steep heights. Handrails are necessary to protect from a personal fall or the falling of the product. Safety is a top priority of facility managers and operations management. It is ours as well at WireCrafters to meet the needs of our customers. Keep reading to find out how Bunting Magnetics was able to benefit from our handrail solution during our collaboration with them.

Product and Solution

WireCrafters was able to provide Bunting Magnetics, the end-user, with custom handrails for their facility through our dealer, Materials Handling Enterprises Inc. They were in need of extra pallet storage and access on top of their in-office plant. Our handrail solutions enabled them to increase storage space in a safe way for their personnel. Our product was installed to provide roof access that ensured workers and management would be safe while operating in that particular area. These railings are a part of our protective railings product category.

offices inside industrial plant

Why Choose WireCrafters?

When asked why Bunting Magnetics chose to use WireCrafters to meet their equipment needs, they attributed it to a multitude of factors. They deem our products to be modular and easy-to-install, no matter your current or future facility and equipment setup. In addition, they said we provided solutions in a timely manner due to our quick shipment. We were honored to work with both companies for this project and are happy to lend a hand with any of their future safety and product storage needs.

If your company is in need of any handrails or similar solutions, we would love to help! Get a quote from us today to see how WireCrafters can enhance your facility and operations this year.

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