The Importance of Access Control in the Cannabis Industry

Controlled access is vital to the cannabis industry – an industry that is on the rise! From manufacturing cannabis products to compliance and the overall profit margin, there are many ways access control impacts cannabis businesses.

Access Control & Theft in the Cannabis Industry

Over the past decade, the industry has experienced a high rate of burglary or robbery with 1 in every 2 dispensaries experiencing theft. That's 26% higher than the rate of burglary or robbery for banks. Although this appears to be improving, dispensaries cannot fail to prioritize access control with their product and facility. Cannabis farming and manufacturing have also experienced similar criminal activity.

A criminal could walk away with, on average, $20,000 to $50,000 in a single theft. This is also much higher than an average break-in for other types of companies, including banks. So cannabis business owners should take every security measure to avoid massive profit loss.

Products for Access, Security, & Cannabis Industry Regulations

Recently, our wire partitions have been utilized in California to secure the perimeters and entry-points for cannabis facilities.

Our storage cages are also being used to manage cannabis plants during the manufacturing process. Effective storage of the plant based on the phase of the manufacturing process is important because it protects the plant, ensuring its quality. Our wire mesh design allows the plants to breathe and receive light.

Not to mention, our storage cages include doors with custom lock options so that the inventory is only handled by select personnel. This also helps maintain the quality and decrease the risk of theft.

As you might imagine, there are many regulations, passed in the last decade, outlining how cannabis is to be cultivated, stored, distributed, etc. One of those regulations, in particular, requires limited access to inventory. So using our physical security control options can actually help you uphold the law.

A security and surveillance system is also required according to other cannabis legislation. Sonitrol Security is a well-known organization with experience protecting cannabis businesses on the West Coast through their comprehensive security systems. You can read more about their research on security regulations in the cannabis industry here.

All this to say, it's important to use the best products for secure storage and overall business security when you're in the cannabis industry. It could force a business to shut its doors quickly if it's not compliant. And no business owner wants harm to befall his or her inventory, facility, or employees.

The top products a cannabis business should always utilize are properly installed storage cages, doors with access control for the cages and the building as a whole, a security camera, and an alarm system.

As more state legislators discuss the legality and opportunity in the cannabis industry, those already in business can hopefully become shining examples to others when they have the right tools and resources. If you're looking for an efficient storage option that is also secure, we'd love to offer you a free quote of our storage cages with numerous customized options.

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