Data Center Security

In a world where the average cost of a single data breach ballooned to an all-time high of $4 million in 2016, it's completely understandable that data center security is one of the major things that keeps you up at night. Remember that a security incident does not only mean you've been hacked by someone halfway around the world - physical theft and other real life issues are all too common as well. Luckily, WireCrafters can help ease those concerns with a number of unique solutions.

The Wire Partitions and Server Cages

One of the major ways that WireCrafters helps to protect the safety and the security of your data center takes the form of our server cages, guaranteeing you the cutting edge in physical security. Our wire partitions are designed to be open and secure, allowing for free air circulation and giving important access to fire suppression systems and more.

They're also entirely modular, meaning that you can easily reconfigure them when your needs change or if you have to add additional equipment. Installation is incredibly straightforward. There is no cutting or grinding required so you don't have to worry about debris or other air-related concerns at any point. Our panels come in one-foot increments that are between one foot and ten feet wide, have heights ranging from four to five feet, and can be delivered right to your door in as little as 48-hours.

The Locks

Data Center Security LocksOne of the major factors that separate our wire partitions and server cages from others, however, takes the form of the custom locks that we can easily install. Regardless of the type of need you have, WireCrafters can meet it - end of story. Your doors can effortlessly be equipped with a basic key lock, or, if you're looking for more security, we can also provide you with everything from self-closing doors to keypad locks to finger print scanners, card readers, and so much more.

We work directly with each client to help guarantee not only that the doors are appropriate for their physical security needs, but that they're also pre-cut and drilled to accept any type of lock you already have in your facility. This doesn't just help make your server cages a complimentary component of your existing infrastructure, but it also helps to keep things uniform and straightforward at the same time.

At WireCrafters, we believe that there is truly no "one size fits all" approach to data center security. Every data center is different, which means that you're always talking about slightly different environmental conditions and other factors that need to be addressed in a solution that works for you and nobody else. With heavily customized options available like wire partitions, locks, and more, WireCrafters is proud to do our part to help you rest easy at night knowing that your data center security needs are taken care of. Contact us to learn more about our server cages or find a local dealer in your area, or get the ball rolling by requesting a quote.

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