Solar Panel Storage Solutions

Sunrun's mission is to create a planet that runs on the sun. With personalized service and custom designs, their goal is to provide peace of mind when it comes to solar power. But a company is only as powerful as its resources. So as the company grew, they found that comprehensive, maneuverable storage solutions for their products are more necessary than ever. After partnering with Conveyor Storage Solutions, Inc. and WireCrafters, they found exactly that.

Dealer Name: Conveyor & Storage Solutions, Inc. (C&SS)

Customer (End User): Sunrun

Products Purchased from WireCrafters: Wire Mesh Partition Security Cages

Problem and Solution

Sunrun leads its industry in providing solar alternatives to traditional electric power options. Since the company began in 2007, it has grown in tandem with the demand for solar energy in homes. Today, the company features over 40 warehouse locations in 14 states to keep up with the installation requirements that they face. However, even with all of those locations – capacity presented itself as a barrier to the seamless operation that they aimed to achieve. That's where C&SS and WireCrafters stepped in.

Sunrun needed storage options that helped to increase capacity, improve efficiency, and maintain code compliance stipulations. The companies paired together to create just that. First, the C&SS team evaluated the spaces and designed a system of high-bay pallet, cantilever, and dynamic carton flow racks paired with WireCrafters' wire mesh partition security cages and industrial steel shelving. Working together, C&SS and WireCrafters provided a solution that adhered to each required regulation – from building codes to fire safety.  

The result? The WireCrafters products combined with the engineering expertise of C&SS provided an installation that ended up saving lead time at each of the warehouses – approximately ten weeks' worth!

solar panel storage
wire panels

Why Choose WireCrafters?

Sunrun needed solutions, and WireCrafters could provide them. In this particular instance, the facility required the installation process to go much more quickly than projected. That was no sweat for WireCrafters. Our team was prepared with the products that C&SS needed to get started, and comprehensive logistics preparation made it all fall into place.

C&SS chose WireCrafters because our "Reps are knowledgeable and [we] can always trust that when [we] bring a project to them they will figure out a solution and that when material arrives onsite, it will work." And we will continue to provide the knowledgeable services that our customers have come to expect.

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