The Importance of Young Professionals in the Material Handling Industry

In today's rapidly evolving material handling industry, young professionals like Nathan Criss are making a significant impact. As a storage equipment specialist for McCormick Equipment, Nathan shares his experiences and insights into the industry in this interview with Milt Tandy, the President of WireCrafters. Nathan's journey into the industry serves as an inspiration to many young professionals looking for a fulfilling career path.

As a young college graduate, Nathan found an opportunity in the material handling world and decided to follow it. Since then, he has built a successful career as a storage equipment specialist.

One of the biggest challenges Nathan faced in the industry was building trust with older contacts. However, he overcame this challenge by proving his worth and building strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

The material handling industry is diverse, with "opportunities ranging from automotive to chicken plants". Nathan's experience at McCormick Equipment underscores the importance of market diversity in the industry. As a storage equipment specialist, Nathan has gained invaluable experience in different facets of the industry, including warehouse management, industrial equipment, and job opportunities. The material handling industry also offers young professionals the chance to make a meaningful impact on the industry's growth and development.

Watch the video up above to hear Nathan's story. The material handling industry offers immense potential for young professionals seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career path. As stated before, Nathan's experience at McCormick Equipment is a testament to the industry's diversity, potential, and long-term career growth. As a young professional in the material handling industry, Nathan is making a significant impact and inspiring others to pursue a career in the field. Join us as we continue to explore the material handling industry's potential and insights, and follow WireCrafters for more updates and informative content.

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