Products to Use for the Best Safe Storage Practices

No matter what industry you're in, safe and secure storage is incredibly important.

It affects your products, but, more importantly, it affects the safety of your employees! For this reason, following safe storage best practices isn't just a practical need for your storage process, but it's a preventative and protective step for your employees that can make the difference between a safe work environment and a dangerous one.

Efficient method for safe storage can offer three major benefits: It provides necessary protection for your employees, it prevents product injury, and (bonus) it contains your products better than other storage methods, which can prevent product shrinkage! (hyperlink to previous blog)

With this in mind, as you seek to create a safer work environment in your storage area, it's important to consider what products will best serve you and your team and keep your products safe and secure.

Creating a Safe Storage Environment

Injuries happen, but employee and product safety is of the greatest importance for any company!

As you consider products that will help you create a safe work environment while also maintaining efficient storage, there's a few safety measures that stand out from the rest.

1.) Falling Product Safety

One of the greatest concerns from a warehouse and storage safety perspective is falling product safety. This might seem like a non-issue or something that would happen rarely, but as your employees grow comfortable on your shop floor, they can become less aware of their surroundings, zone out, and assume their own safety! This is when severe injury can occur.

As products are stored or moved, they can be pushed back - oftentimes too far - and fall from their perch onto your unsuspecting employee.

Pallet rack backing prevents this exact issue. They're designed specifically to provide total falling product safety and protect against employee injury.

Pallet Rack Enclosures are another great way to prevent this. These enclosures allow you to enclose existing pallet racks with wire mesh panels and doors, so there's no longer a need for concern for those products falling on your employees! They work similarly to pallet rack backing, but are more extensive and provide an added element of protection and safety in addition to perfect product containment, injury protection, and theft prevention.

2.) Employee Stabilization and Fall Prevention

Handrails are essential as you seek to protect your employees. They provide stabilization and provide a barrier between your employees and harm's way. As you consider new or better ways to provide a safe work environment as they are managing your product, handrails should be at the top of your list!

safe storage products

3.) Moving Facility Equipment Protection

Moving facility equipment like forklifts and sweepers are more dangerous than they seem - especially to your employees. Guardrails are the answer for this common safety hazard. Guardrails protect your employees from the associated accidents and are capable of withstanding high impact situations.

The strong barrier that guardrails provide are not to be overlooked and they can benefit you, your company, and your employees in more ways than one!

4.) Providing Product Safety

As mentioned in the previous section, guardrails can benefit you in more than one way. One significant benefit to choosing guardrails as a safety product is that they can also protect your equipment from damage in the same ways that they prevent employee injury.

We've already mentioned Pallet Rack Enclosures and we want to share more about their use. Much like guardrails, pallet rack enclosures can offer multiple benefits. They allow you to provide critical safety best practices for your employees, but also protect your own products from theft and damage. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

A complete Pallet Rack Enclosure will enclose the top, back, and sides of your rack/products and include doors on the front for easy–but secure– access. This provides a higher level of safety by surrounding your product completely, from every angle!

Protecting Your Wallet

In the long run, choosing products that will protect your employees and prevent products damage saves you money! We're proud that many of our wire products offer multiple values such as those.  Providing a safe, secure, and efficient work environment can only benefit you and your business.

While it's important to consider your options and choose the product that's right for you, your employees, and your inventory, you can't go wrong by choosing to prioritize safe storage methods.

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