PushBack Pallet Rack Systems vs. RackBack® Pallet Rack Backing

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Choosing the right pallet racking system in your warehouse can have a significant effect on the efficiency of your business.

A disorganized warehouse will have a knock-on effect on your customer service, manufacturing downtime, and can lead to lost revenue. On the other hand, the right pallet racking system can help you run your business more efficiently and increase profits.

Pallet racking systems aren't all equal. Certain features included in your racking system can make all the difference! Here we highlight options to help you make the right choice. We also share the difference between a PushBack Pallet Rack and RackBack Pallet Rack Backing. Read on for a lowdown on both systems in order to utilize the best equipment for your warehouse.

What Is a PushBack Pallet Rack System?

If you're looking for a pallet storage method that offers higher storage density than other forms of racking, PushBack racking is a great option.

Store pallets from two to six deep on either side of an aisle. A PushBack rack system uses gravity to move wheeled carts that nest on inclined storage rails. Each pallet rests in its own cart. The angled rails help the carts to move up and down angled rails as pallets are loaded or unloaded.

To load a product, a pallet is packed onto a cart and pushed into the shelving system. Then, each subsequent pallet is placed onto the next cart. This moves the previous one deeper into the system. The last pallet is placed directly onto the rails.

Products are available on a last-in, first-out system. Unloading is simple. As the first pallet is removed, the one behind simply glides forward to take its place. This setup makes it easy to reach the next pallet for removal.

Benefits of a PushBack Pallet Rack System

The floor space taken up by the PushBack Pallet Rack System is minimal as only one lane is needed to access the products due to the gravity flow system. The gravity flow system helps for packing or unpacking. This means that the PushBack Rack system can be installed with one side against the wall, or with a central aisle servicing racks on either side.

The nesting carts are color-coded which enhances specific selectivity. Multiple groups of stock-keeping units (SKU's) can be stored per row.

Common Uses for a PushBack Pallet Rack System

PushBack racking systems are excellent for any environment that requires hyper-efficient space utilization and high storage density. This makes it perfectly suited to climate-controlled environments or cold storage.

PushBack Specifications

PushBack racking systems can be tailored for different warehouse set-ups. Store pallets up to six deep. Racking systems are usually designed to be four levels high. Reach truck or forklift methods are suitable for use with PushBack systems.

Trucks don't enter the system which minimizes damage.

Each of the nested carts runs on stainless steel wheels. They can operate under heavy loads greater than the 3000 lbs allowed per pallet in other systems. The carts themselves require minimal vertical space, which leaves ample pallet storage space. The PushBack system runs efficiently in many settings.

RackBack Pallet Rack Backing

While the PushBack system is a complete solution, the RackBack Pallet Rack Backing provides panels that close off your existing racking more securely on the back. The welded wire panels are designed to match a rack's beam lengths. They attach onto the rack uprights with standard brackets. There is a full range of Rack Enclosures available to close off the sides and top as well as custom-designed doors. Doors can be hinged or sliding.

Benefits of RackBack Pallet Rack Backing

Installing our RackBack® Pallet Rack Backing safety panels are an effective accident prevention solution that gives consistent protection from stacked items falling. Adding strong backing increases pallet rack safety. This protects both personnel and stored goods.

As racking methods go, the RackBack system is easy to install.

The RackBack system is a great way of upgrading your existing racking system to allow for higher packing.

pushback pallet racks in warehouse

How To Choose The Right Pallet-Racking System

Warehouse space doesn't come cheap. Choosing the right pallet-racking system will allow you to make full use of every available bit of space in your warehouse. Before choosing a pallet-racking system consider the following:

Total Available Space

To measure this, make sure you take into account the total floor area as well as the ceiling height. Vertical storage increases the load on the floor. Check the load-bearing capacity of your flooring before making a final decision.

The Layout of the Warehouse

The layout of the warehouse will determine the best orientation of the racks as well as the aisles between them. Take into account the space needed around other obstructions such as fire sprinkler systems, doors, and light fixtures.

Regulations and Requirements

Investigate local, federal, and state regulations that apply to warehouses in your area. There may be limitations on the types of materials you can use. This will affect what system will suit your warehouse best.

Forklift Fit

Pallet-racking systems are designed for different sizes and levels of lift trucks. Shorter racks can get by with simpler forklifts, while taller racks need more sophisticated equipment. Forklift masts come in the following types:

  • Single-stage: one channel offers a limited lifting height
  • Two-stage: indoor single or double stacking with a minimal overhead clearance
  • Three-stage: free lift to greater heights, suitable for stacking in general warehouses
  • Quad: high stacking, limited to specialized warehousing

The takeaway: Keep your forklift in mind when you consider pallet storage options.

Pallet Flow Systems For Greater Warehouse Efficiency

Whether you're managing a distribution center or have your own warehouse facilities, an efficient pallet-racking system is an essential part of effectively running your business. Finding the right solution for your products, your inventory system, and your lift equipment will be key to an effectively managed warehouse that can increase your productivity and make the most of your storage.

Of course, we recommend our RackBack® safety panels with most pallet racking systems for added protection and safety.

If you need advice on whether to install a PushBack Pallet Rack or to utilize our RackBack Pallet Rack Backing with your system, our team members are waiting to assist you. They will help you to find expert solutions that are perfectly matched to your space and products. For creative solutions for your storage, security, and safety needs, contact WireCrafters today.

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