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Training your replacement should be commonplace everywhere, which is why WireCrafters strives to help in training future welders. One thing the WireCrafters community prides itself on is its contributions to the community. For the past couple of years, some of our welders, led by Chad Anglin, have visited the welding students at PRP, a local high school. You can see some photos below. We also reached out to administrators for some comments on the impact our welders have had on their community. Take a look!

What the Community has to Say

We couldn't be more excited about our partnership! You have become a huge part of our students' lives in the short time that we've been partnered. Your enthusiasm, leadership, and willingness to help teach our students is unmatched! I have bragged many times to our district leadership about Wire Crafter's commitment to our students. Bringing your employees into our shop and working with our kids has made a huge impact. Our students know you, they know your employees, and they trust your instruction! PRP welding students recognize your commitment to our program and look forward to working with you! We are blessed to have you guys on our team! -Josh Lightle
What WireCrafters has and is doing for our students here at PRP is unprecedented. I will be honest I have worked with many companies in my 20 years and WireCrafters is by far the biggest example of what a company that supports their community and future is. We are blessed to be a part of your team and we are very lucky to have you as a part of ours. I’m looking forward to getting back in school and working with you guys again. Hope to see you tomorrow morning in our meeting. Thanks to you Chad and WireCrafters -Dave McCoy

The above comments reflect exactly what we try to do when interacting with our community and future welders. We would like to thank Chad Anglin, and Anne Valois for working so hard to help the future of manufacturing.

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