WireCrafters Website Episode Transcript:

Milt: Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now, today, I'm with our Marketing Manager, David Fishburn, and for the last few months, he has been developing our new website, updating it, and it really looks great.

David: Yeah, looks good.

Milt: So what are maybe the main two or three things that really you're proud of with this new website?

David: I think overall, the user experience of the website, how they get around, find information has really, really improved from the old site. A lot of brand new images, and a lot of good content around our products and their uses. And then, overall, the ability for our customers to get a quote, and request a quote has really improved, so.

Milt: And get quite a few of them, already.

David: We do, hopefully more.

Milt: Alright, and I think we can see in the background that things are kind of changing here on our website as we go.

David: Mm hm.

Milt: Is there anything you'd like to point out to, in particular, here, or?

David: Yeah, I think I can show you, just real quick, on our product page here, how you would get some information. So we can click through to our products.

Milt: And that's a very popular application, right there.

David: It is.

Milt: Pallet Rack safety.

David: And as we scroll down here a little bit, you can quickly see you can get a quote, request a dealer, find all the information you would like, whether it's a product brochure, specs, installation instructions, and more, so.

Milt: So, if you've got safety issues in your plant, or you've got storage and separation needs, you can really find a lot of information right here.

David: Absolutely.

Milt: Alright, well that's great. I know we're excited about the new website. Go to wirecrafters.com, take a look at it, I think you'll be impressed. So David, thank you very much.

David: Yes sir.

Milt: Alright, we'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays With Milt.

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