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To protect your employees from robots and other moving equipment, install machine guarding barrier. Milt talks more about our machine guarding solution in this episode of Mondays With Milt.

WireCrafters Machine Guard

Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now today, I'm back on the production floor and we're looking here at our new Machine Guard Barrier.  This is what we call the RT Line.  Now what's really neat about this line is we've got the door systems here but we also have panels that can be very quickly installed.  There's a fastener that runs into the upright post.  We go with the black panels, yellow posts.  That's what you typically want for safety.  And this one is right at about the 6'-5", 6'-6" height.  It's got the sweep space down here about five and a quarter inches.  So, everything is within the RIA standards.

Quick Install

This product is very quick to install.  You screw in some fasteners, and you hang the panel very quickly on the fastener.  It's not really a bolt-in system.  You hang the panel on to the post.  So, it works out really well.  So that's what we got this week.  We're showing the Machine Guarding.  If you need machine guarding in your facility, to keep your employees safe go to wirecrafters.com and then go to machine guard and you'll see the RT Line.  We'll see you next week, thank you.

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