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Episode Transcript:

- Welcome to another episode of Mondays with Milt. Now today I'm out here on the production floor with our plant manager, Rich Horn. We're standing here in front of the WireCrafters production control board. Rich, we got a lot going on in our 250 thousand square foot facility. This is one of many boards. Can you tell us a little bit what's going on here?

- Right, so as you said, this is one application of many that we have throughout the plant. This is how we control our stock panel production. We have a store of unpainted material here. A store of painted material up front. When we pull from the unpainted store, we will take a kanban off the parts and put it on this board. This visualizes what we need to make to replenish the store. As the cards go up, we visualize that we need to make it. We understand how we pull, the quantity that we pull, and most importantly, how we need to react to satisfy the customer.

- That's what's been really good. I've been here for over 30 years, and I can remember those days when at the last minute we didn't have all the inventory. With you being here over the last 10 years, that really doesn't happen anymore.

- No sir. We're able to visualize it, so we can react and see it when it happens and react before it becomes a problem.

- We publish our ship date on our website so that our customers can take a look at any time and see when their job is shipping and we're locked into that date.

- Yes sir.

- We feel good about that.

- Absolutely.

- That's what we got this week. Rich, thank you very much.

- Thank you.

- We will see you next week on another episode of Mondays with Milt.

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