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Driver Access Cage

One of our most popular products is the Driver Access Cage. During this time of COVID-19, they have been especially useful. These cages are designed to keep unauthorized people from wandering around your facility. This keeps employees safe from intruders and it keeps visitors safe from moving machinery and other injuries.

Safety During COVID-19

We have a custom Driver Cage set up in our facility currently. Milt and Aaron discuss it a few minutes into the video. The bottom half is made of our standard stock panels, but the upper half is made from our polycarbonate panels. We did this to keep employees safe when interacting with visitors and truck drivers.

Quick Order and Shipment

A benefit of our Driver Access Cage is the ease of ordering and quick turnaround on shipment. If you are looking for a driver cage with stock parts, you can have it in your facility within a week or less.

How to Order

To get your free quote on this product, click the banner down below or give us a call today! Keep your facility secure with WireCrafters.

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