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Double Duty on Technician Storage Lockers

Did you know our very Milt Tandy has a twin brother? For this video, his twin brother was in town and he wants to talk about Technician Storage Lockers. So you're not seeing double and we didn't use computer animation! We've just got so many great things to say about this piece of equipment, we thought two brothers were better than one sharing this product with you!

Welcome to another episode of Mondays with Milt. Today, I've got a special guest. I've got my brother here in town, Wilt.

Milt: How you doing, Wilt?

Wilt: I'm doing good.

Milt: So the reason I've got Wilt in here today is because we've got a product on our website called Technician Lockers. And Wilt, why don't you tell them why you wanted to use our technician lockers.

Wilt: Yeah, so I own a forklift distributorship in Aruba. And I have technicians coming in every day and this way I can control the inventory and they can all have their own locker. Great idea.

Milt: So, there you go. Wilt's going to use our technician lockers, so every technician can have his own little cubby that we can lock up their parts they're going to use for the day. And that will keep your inventory in line, keep all your—one guy can control the parts cage. Everything should work out well. So I'm glad to have you here in town, Wilt.

Wilt: Glad to be here.

Milt: And you know, I still think Mom liked me more.

*Wilt deadpans the camera*

So that's all we've got. We'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays with Milt.

And Wilt!

About WireCrafters Storage Lockers

Technician storage lockers are often also referred to as Mechanic or Distribution Lockers. For many facilities, this is their primary way of organization of parts or tools and their solution for securing those important assets for their organization. To see common configurations of our technician storage lockers, take a look here!

About Mondays With Milt

Mondays With Milt is a weekly series hosted by our Company President, Milt Tandy. Milt travels to different areas of the shop, his home, and occasionally out of state. He brings fun and a lot of product knowledge! Subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on our other social media channels to see more of Milt!

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