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We calibrate our tape measures every three months and there's a reason for that. We do a lot of custom work and once you use the tape measure so many times, they tend to constrict or get stretched out.
You've got to make sure they're calibrated so that you're getting the right dimensions every time. We've got some custom door posts in the video. Milt shows you how the tape measure should measure correctly to the custom size request we received.
To keep track of when our tape measures were last calibrated, we use a sticker on the side of the tape that notes the last date it was calibrated and what booth it's supposed to stay in. That's just a system we use. Maybe it's something that would work in your own facility.
Because of measures (pun intended) like this for equipment maintenance and quality control, we can ensure that our product will fit perfectly once when it gets to our customer's facility.
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