Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now today it is not Monday, it is Thursday before Labor Day but we’re not going to be here on Labor Day so we thought we would film this a little bit ahead of time. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk to a few of our employees & find out how they are going to celebrate Labor Day. Jordan Schneidtmiller: This week I’ll be going to Indianapolis to watch Louisville beat Purdue 59-20. Darius Davis: I’m going to catch a flight Friday after work, go to Washington to visit a friend, look at some monuments, go to a national park to do some hiking & go to Carl’s & get some ice cream. Justin Lambert: Well Milt, I’m going to go to Indianapolis to see Bob Seger on his farewell tour. Jay Hayes: Well, for the most part I’m going to spend some father/son time with my son. Sit down, eat some captain crunch, watch some SpongeBob & pretend I like it! Shawn Sears: My plans are probably to go to a BBQ with my family, take my son out to the park & let him enjoy the weather a little bit, hopefully it’s not too hot or rainy. Milt Tandy: Sounds good guys, enjoy the day off. That’s all we have today for Mondays With Milt, we’ll see ya next week when we do another episode.

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