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Below, you will find the transcript from this episode discussing our shipping department.

- Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now today I'm on the shipping dock. I'm here with Michael Davis. And he makes his way around the shipping dock all day long, checking all the pallets to make sure the customer gets what they are supposed to get. You want to give a little more detail on what you do?

- Yeah, I just go in, if it's a job like this, it's custom ordered. I go in, I check every single panel that gets loaded to make sure it's what's supposed to be on the skid and what's supposed to go out the door with the rest of the job. Make sure they do.

- And there's a packing slip that corresponds with each pallet. So if a customer has two or three pallets, you'll have a packing slip for each one.

- Yeah, I'll go through and put whatever's on that one pallet and put it on the packing slip, put it on the front. That way, when they get it, they just open it and they know exactly what they got, right there.

- All right, and before the shipment goes out, you're taking a photo to make sure that we've got everything on it, so if somebody calls us a week or two later, you can look and see what we've put on that pallet.

- Absolutely, yep.

- All right, so that's what Michael does on the shipping dock. We try to make sure that the customer gets everything they're supposed to get. So that's all we got this week. We'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays with Milt. Thanks, Michael.

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