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With the coronavirus situation at WireCrafters, we had to do our Easter handouts a little differently this year. During our weekly meeting updates about the virus, Milt and Rich handed out Easter giveaways to all the employees.

Easter at WireCrafters

Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now today, we are getting ready to give out a little gift card for all of our people celebrating Easter. You've seen us give out the turkey baskets for several years now on Thanksgiving. But we also do something at Easter time. We do something at Christmas time. So we're just gonna get ready. We'll gather everyone together. We do it in different departments. We also give updates on what's going on in the business. So that our employees know what kind of activity we have coming up. Right now, we don't want to get into the virus, but, we do update everyone on what's going on with that and precautions that we're taking. So here in a little bit, we'll get everyone together. I'll have our VP of Operations, Rich Horn. He will jump in there with me. So we'll both talk to the different groups. and then we'll hand out their little Easter gift. That's all we got this week. See you next week on another episode of Mondays With Milt.

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Mondays With Milt is a weekly series hosted by our Company President, Milt Tandy. Milt travels to different areas of the shop, his home, and occasionally out of state. He brings fun and a lot of product knowledge! Subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on our other social media channels to see more of Milt!

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