DEA Storage Cage

Milt found some tall DEA Storage Cage posts when he was walking in the shop. Learn more about DEA cages this week on Mondays With Milt.

Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt.  I'm back out here on the production floor and I happen to be walking down the main aisle and I see this very large piece of tubing.  It's a four-inch by six-inch by a quarter-inch-thick piece of steel tubing and I checked out the job.  This is going to drug retail that all of you are familiar with, out in the midwest.

Building a DEA Cage

So we are building a DEA Cage for this drug warehouse facility.  So the Drug Enforcement Agency has to make sure all the drugs are locked up.  This post will be spliced together to make a 45-foot tall piece of upright post.  It's gonna be a big cage.  This cage also has a sliding door that's eight-foot-wide by seventeen feet tall.  And that door will have an electric opener on it.  It'll have an electromagnetic lock attached to it.  So when the door opens,  it'll automatically come back shut and have a secure lock on it.  The base plate on this upright post is like four-inch by twenty-eight inch.  We'll supply the anchors.

Not Many People Can Do It

This is gonna be a huge cage.  Not many people can do it.  And it's gonna take a really good installation for these guys to put this up.  So that's what we have this week.  If you need a DEA Cage, we're the guys to call.  We can do anything you need.  I'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays With Milt.

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