- That's it for this week with Mondays With Milt.

- Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now tonight, we are in Nashville, Tennessee, we've got a great MHEDA Net conference going on here and it's all about the networking with all the different companies. We've got distributors, we got manufacturers, a lot going on, now we also have Brant Menswar, and you're gonna be our speaker tomorrow?

- Yeah, well they hired me to dance, but I thought that was a little not appropriate for here, so I'm just gonna speak instead tomorrow. We're gonna talk mostly about purpose and values based leadership, which I know you are very familiar with.

- Absolutely. So is that all you're gonna talk about?

- I'm only talking for ten minutes 'cause that's all they paid me for. And so, but then after that, I thought we'd just have some fun and you know, stay here in Nashville. We wanna thank you for this episode of Mondays With Milt. I'm Brent Menswar, your host, and I hope you're on your way to a hundred episodes here, right?

- That's right, we're getting close.

- It's kinda scary.

- Alright. So we'll see you next week on another episode.

- Rock and roll.

- Mondays With Milt.

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