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Giving Back: Mondays with Milt at Boys and Girls Haven

Welcome to our blog and the latest recap from an inspiring episode of "Mondays with Milt." This week, Milt and his team took a trip to an exceptional place: Boys and Girls Haven. As you may remember, a few months ago, they were involved in a painting project. But this time, the task was different; they were asked to assist in the removal of a fence to pave way for a new arena.

At the heart of this week's episode was the star volunteer, Allan Gates, who Milt dubbed the "super volunteer of all time." Allan isn't your regular volunteer, though. His connection with Boys and Girls Haven runs deep, spanning from his childhood when he grew up within its nurturing walls. That connection is part of what has kept him coming back, in line with a principle he was taught: always give back.

For the last 18 years, Allan has served on the board and, after a brief break, is getting ready for another term. Along with four other committed volunteers, Allan spends countless hours tending to the lawns. This dedicated team's efforts don't just improve the aesthetics of the place; it also saves Boys and Girls Haven an estimated $25,000 annually, funds that can be redirected towards other pressing needs.

Beyond his board and gardening responsibilities, Allan takes on special projects, effectively serving as a coordinator when needed. There's a vibrant community here, a home for about 20-25 boys aged between 11 and 17. Most of these young men have cycled in and out of the foster care system, and the goal is simple: make Boys and Girls Haven the best place possible for them.

The organization has been around for 73 years, maintaining a consistent mission throughout its tenure. That commitment has seen them taking in kids who've struggled in the foster system, providing them with a safe space to call home, a steady supply of meals, and setting them back on the educational path. And it's people like Allan, once a beneficiary of this wonderful initiative, who is now at the helm of ensuring the mission stays alive.

While Milt and the WireCrafters crew were on site to help out with physical work, Allan made sure to express his gratitude, thanking not just the men but also the women for all the volunteer work they contribute.

As Milt wrapped up this episode of Mondays with Milt, it was clear that it had been an emotional journey, particularly for Allan, who was once "one of the kids." But now, he's at the forefront, giving back to the place that once gave him so much.

The Boys and Girls Haven story is a testament to the power of giving back, of continuity, and of the incredible difference one person, one team, can make. As we look forward to the next episode of Mondays with Milt, let's remember the ethos of giving back that Allan and Boys and Girls Haven exemplify.

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