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Below, you will find the transcript for this week's episode of Mondays With Milt. In this episode, Milt and Steve discuss our Annual Turkey Basket Tradition. Learn more about this tradition and how long we've been doing it.

Annual Turkey Basket Tradition

- Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt. Now today I'm with the president of WireCrafters, Mr. Steve Diebold, and we are going to talk about, briefly, what we do for all the employees at Thanksgiving time. So Steve, why don't you take it from there.

- Milt, as you know, for the past 39 years for you, and for everybody else, we've handed out a holiday basket full of food, enough to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for everyone.

- What all is in that basket?

- I'm telling you, there's a pretty large turkey, there's a can of corn

- That makes sense.

- a can of peas, 10 pound bag of potatoes, a bag of apples, there's some oranges, there's--

- Bananas.

- Bananas and a little dessert of some sort, usually a little candy treat for the kids.

- I believe there's bread rolls.

- Yes, there's rolls, absolutely, what's Thanksgiving without bread?

- Everything you would need for the Thanksgiving dinner is in there.

- Pretty much everything you need.

- So when did this tradition begin?

- I believe Dad started this tradition back when WireCrafters started. He had done that at his other company and always had great reviews, and so we started back in 1967 and we've done it every year since.

- The employees really enjoy the baskets too, right?

- Absolutely, and that's one of the best things about it because if you hand somebody a little cash bonus for Thanksgiving, you know, where does that money end up, nobody really remembers it, but when you give somebody a good basket full of food with all good stuff in it and they take it home, families really like that, the kids go crazy for the peppermint candy or whatever's in the basket, it's always a neat thing.

- So if we had an option of cash or the basket, I could probably go with a Kentucky bourbon or something.

- No, we won't be giving out any bourbon.

- No.

- Sorry. That's optional for the meal.

- No cash options.

- Absolutely.

- Alrighty, so here in a short while, we will be out handing out the baskets to all the employees as they drive around and we fill their cars up. They pull up, we put 'em in, you'll see that, we're gonna go live and do that. And we will be closed on Thanksgiving day and the Friday following Thanksgiving. And I think that's just about everything we have. Steve, thank you very much for being on Mondays With Milt.

- Thank you for having me and happy Thanksgiving.

- Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, we'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays With Milt.

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