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WireCrafters is a part of the American Institute of Architects. Find out what that means and how it pertains to you as one of our dealers by watching the episode of Mondays With Milt below.

American Institute of Architects

Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Milt.  Now today I'm going to talk about the American Institute of Architects.  WireCrafters is a member of the AIA.  So, we are trying to get architects to specify our product.  We also want them to just specify wire partition to be used as Tool Cribs, maintenance areas, machine guard, Tenant Storage Lockers in a condominium building.  So, we have put together a presentation that we have provided to our outside regional managers.  So, we've got WireCrafters managers on the west coast, northeast, Midwest, and the southeast.  They are working with architects on a regular basis trying to get our product specified.

As One of Our Dealers

Now, if you, as one of our dealers would like to do a lunch and learn with an architectural firm in your area, we can provide this presentation and you can do it also.  There is a signup sheet that we give you and the architects, they have to sign in, they put their member number down and this is all a part of the accreditation that they receive as an architect.  It's professional development that they have to keep up with.  So they want companies like WireCrafters to come in, do a lunch and learn and teach them about products they can use when they're specifying and building a new facility.  So that's what we got this week.  If you want to borrow that presentation, we'll send it to you.  Go find an architectural firm in your area.  Do a lunch and learn and let's see if we can get specified and bring in some more business.  That's all we got this week.  We'll see you next week on another episode of Mondays With Milt.

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