Millennials and Experience in Material Handling 

Everyone knows the world-wide perception of millennials “We want instant gratification and a participation trophy!”  Well, in manufacturing and material handling you can get one of these but you may have to work for the trophy!  When I was looking to start a career, I can assure you that manufacturing was on the bottom of the list. (Material Handling Manufacturing wasn’t even on it!)  Things just didn’t seem to add up.  Manufacturing had a reputation of being; unrewarding, outdated, and greasy.  Since starting at WireCrafters last year I have found that these perceptions can easily be debunked.  WireCrafters is obviously part of the manufacturing world but we have a unique connection to the material handling world as well.  

Whether you are directly involved in the production, or part of the sales team you can gain satisfaction seeing your products go from raw material to a high-quality finished product.  At WireCrafters we can see a spool of wire turn into a panel, raw tubing turn into a post, and a piece of polycarbonate turn into a protective separation panel.  Seeing our products made from start to finish is rewarding in itself but when we see the final product after it has been installed by one of our dealers, like Container Systems, it really brings everything full circle.  Knowing our products are all over the country we feel like major contributor of the material handling world. 

As easy as it was to overcome the stigma of being unrewarding; it was even easier to dispel the reputation of manufacturing being outdated.  If you take one tour of a modern manufacturer you will see that many in our industry are anything but outdated.  At WireCrafters we have specialty lasers, welding machines, and an innovation department that is always trying to improve our products.  Each department must work together to ensure that production stays on schedule and a big part of everyone working together is the technology that we use to keep everyone connected.  This constant interaction between departments creates a great team mentality where we all have one thing in common – Our commitment to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations by providing the highest quality products, on time, and competitively priced.

My time, in the material handling manufacturing world, at WireCrafters has been incredibly rewarding.  Each day with a quick walk out into the shop floor I can see our looms weaving the woven style mesh, panels being welded and even guardrail being painted safety yellow.  Seeing this every day reminds me that our products are all over the world and while I haven’t received that trophy yet the satisfaction is still there! 

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