Industrial GuardRail: Enhancing Safety in Your Facility for National Safety Month

WireCrafters Industrial GuardRail Steel

June is National Safety Month, making it the perfect time to discuss the importance of safety in industrial settings. Accidents involving forklifts, sweepers, or other moving facility equipment can cause significant damage to machinery, property, and most importantly, people. Installing WireCrafters GuardRail in your plant is an effective way to protect your valuable assets and ensure a safe working environment. In this blog post, we'll discuss the features and benefits of WireCrafters GuardRail Safety Railing System.

Strength and Endurance

WireCrafters GuardRail has been engineered and tested to endure the force of a 10,000-pound load traveling at a speed of 4 miles per hour (see the video below). Installing GuardRail in your facility allows for the formation of a robust barrier along aisles or near valuable or crucial equipment. This cost-effective guard rail system aids in preventing damage to equipment and facilities, thereby sparing you the costly expense of downtime repairs due to accidents and harm.

Styles and Sizes of GuardRail

WireCrafters offers its GuardRail protective railing system in two distinct styles: Single Rail and Double Rail. The single rail guard posts stand at 17" in height, while the double rail guard posts measure 43" tall. Each GuardRail post is constructed from 4" square x 1/4" wall structural steel tubing, featuring metal caps and 9" square x 1/2" thick steel base plates. These base plates come with four 7/8" round anchor holes, and floor anchors are supplied. Custom guard rail heights can be accommodated upon request. To increase visibility, all GuardRail posts are powder-coated in safety yellow.

single and double guardrail lined up

Rail Lengths & Other Options

The 11-gauge formed steel rails come in standard lengths, 0'-8", 1'-8", 2'-8", 3'-8", 4'-8", 5'-8", 6'-8", 7'-8", 8'-8", and 9'-8", to reach even foot increments center to center of each post. Custom guard rail lengths can be made upon request. Rails mount to the posts with 1/2" x 5" through bolts. All rails are powder coat painted safety yellow.

Installing GuardRail components is a breeze, as they bolt together and the post base plates anchor to the floor. Your order includes all the necessary hardware.

To further customize the GuardRail system to suit your facility's specific needs, additional options are available, such as:

  • Rail lift-out kits (see video below)
  • Offset post base plates
  • Corner offset posts


In honor of National Safety Month, consider enhancing the safety of your industrial facility with WireCrafters GuardRail Safety Railing System. It provides a strong, durable barrier that protects people, machinery, and property from accidents involving moving facility equipment. Contact WireCrafters today to learn more about our GuardRail system and how it can help improve safety in your facility.

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