Last week, welding graduates from PRP High School, signed on as full-time employees at WireCrafters. This is the third year we have partnered with the school. Chad Anglin, the Operations Manager at WireCrafters, has been working with these current graduates for the past couple of years. His goal is to make sure they are ready for the workforce. It doesn't matter if it's at WireCrafters, or somewhere else.

This story may seem familiar if you follow WireCrafters. We made a blog post about these students a couple of months ago. In that post, we talked about the importance of giving back to your local community. This graduation ceremony shows the fruits of that partnership Chad and others have created.

McCoy, the welding instructor hopes to teach the kids proper work ethic before they enter the workforce, or go to college. Not all of the graduates go straight into the workforce. This fall, one student plans on attending Villanova, to study Engineering. With more students entering the Welding Program each year, the team at WireCrafters has high hopes for the future of the trades.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about this partnership.

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Welding Graduates

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