WireCrafters MODEX Takeaways 2018

Here are some of out MODEX takeaways from the show this year. WireCrafters made the trip to the MODEX Show in Atlanta, Georgia from April 9-12. If you had the opportunity to stop by the booth, you would have seen a few things. The first thing that caught many visitors’ eyes was our back wall of the booth. The second thing, or we should say person, they came to see was our very own Milt Tandy, "star" of Mondays With Milt. Although Milt was there to greet the many smiling faces at MODEX, he almost didn’t make it. You can see the video evidence below.

All jokes aside, Milt did help with booth set up. The WireCrafters team got to Atlanta early Saturday morning on April 7th. Hard at work from early morning to early evening, David, Aaron, Steve, Matt, Matt, and Milt got the booth laid out and ready to hang signs. Calling it a day in the evening, they ventured to dinner, only to return the next morning to finish the booth set up. We’ve condensed the booth set up to a couple of minutes for your viewing.

As you can see in the video, the booth had multiple places that visitors could enter. The front was open for easy entrance into the booth. On the sides, visitors had the option of using our driver cage door, our sliding doors, and one open doorway. The back wall was completely enclosed for a specific reason.

Mentioned above, our back wall was a big hit at MODEX this year. An American Flag made from our very own wire partition displayed 10 feet tall and 18 feet across. The stripes of the flag were made from our 2"x1" 10GA wire partition and the stars were lasered out on 16GA sheet metal panel. It was an idea that WireCrafters’ employees had been working on for months in preparation for the show. The flag will make its way back to the WireCrafters shop in Louisville, Kentucky, to be displayed somewhere in the shop. Also, in the WireCrafters booth, we had our popular driver cage and rack enclosure.

The driver cage is designed to keep visitors and workers safe in your facility. In our booth, we had it set up where visitors could come into the booth through the driver cage door and exit through the push bar door. The push bar allows a safe and easy exit for employees in case of emergencies. The back of the push bar is protected, so visitors cannot poke fingers through the wire mesh and open the door. We also had many of our visitors sign the outside door of the driver cage. This will also make its way back to the shop to be displayed.

Overall, we consider MODEX 2018 to be a great success for our business here on Strawberry Lane. We now continue our usual work and begin preparation for ProMat 2019.

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